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Comparing product sales performance over a period

Why run this report:

Running a report like this gives you an excellent insight into how well certain product types are performing. Say, for example; you use product types to specify seasonal stock and different product 'families', like men's clothing, women's clothing, and accessories. You can report on these product types and see how well each of these groups are selling by period and use the comparison to gain further insight into your top product types.

  • Report Group: Sales Reports
  • Report Type: Product Type
  • Measure: Items Sold
  • Date Range: Based on the period you wish to view
  • Format Results: By Product



When preparing for a busy season you may want to run a report like this for the same period in the quarter/year before. This can provide a clearer idea of your best sellers in the past and help you make informed buying decisions going forward.

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