How to pair a Clearent payment terminal to Vend


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • Pax S300, A80, A920

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your batch is set to auto settlement. If you need to verify your batch close time please contact Clearent at Do not shut off your credit card terminal at night, otherwise, the device will not batch out daily. 


Create the payment type in Vend

1. Click Setup in Vend

2. Click Payment types

3. Click the Add Payment Type button

4. Click Vend Payment Gateway


5. Click Begin Setup

6. Enter a name for the payment type

7. Click Save Payment Type

Get the terminal ready to pair

1. Connect the terminal to power

2. Turn the terminal on

3. Connect your terminal to an internet network (wired or wirelessly)

4. The terminal screen should say POS Online. (For Pax A80 or A920, on the terminal idle screen open the Vend Register app. If the app is not on the Pax terminal, download the Vend Register App from the Pax Store. If the terminal is connected to a network it should state "Connected" at the bottom of the Vend app screen.)

5. You may be asked to set the time on your payment terminal, please ensure this is correct as this will have an impact on the daily batch and settlement.

Connect the terminal to Vend

1. Click the Vend Payment Gateway payment type that was just created

2. Click Pair a Terminal


3. Click Allow Access


4. Enter the terminal serial number and click Pair


5. Confirm the payment terminal shows a test transaction for $0.01 and click Yes


7. Select the register to assign to the terminal and click Next


8. Complete contact information and click Submit

9. Your payment terminal and payment type will now be set up. Click ESC

10. click Save Payment Type

Additional Information

  • Each terminal can only be paired with one Vend Register at a time
  • Repeat the above process for each terminal you need to connect
  • Multiple payment terminals can be paired under a single payment type
  • How to pair your Pax A920, A80 and A60 with Vend


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