How to mark a Purchase Order as dispatched

You can now signal when the suppliers have confirmed the expected products and delivery dates of a Purchase Order by marking the order as Dispatched. Marking an order as Dispatched will enable your staff to know which products are on the way, as this will show up as 'in transit' in various places of the product.

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Stock Control and select Open orders from the left-hand drop-down menu.
  2. Click the order that your supplier has arranged the delivery for and click Mark as Dispatched


Although Mark as Dispatched and Mark as Sent may seem similar, they have a slightly different purposes, so, for example, I 'sent' the order to my supplier or I 'sent' a transfer from my store vs. my supplier has 'dispatched' an order to our store - which can all have different impacts on your insights and inventory movements.


Marking the order as sent or as dispatched is optional, the order can directly be received after it is saved. 

 Next, you can now receive the order in Vend when ready.

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