How to setup a Dejavoo terminal on Mac or PC


Setup Dejavoo Z series terminal to take integrated payments through Vend for Mac or PC. 


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Dejavoo Z series payment terminal


Please Note: Each terminal can only be paired with one register at a time.

1. Plug your terminal into your Internet router using an Ethernet cable (they need to be on the same network!).

2. Connect the terminal power.

3. Turn the terminal on.

4. The screen should say POS Online.

5. You will be asked to set the time on your payment terminal, please ensure this is correct as this will have an impact on the daily batch and settlement.

Connecting your Dejavoo terminal to your WiFi network (optional)

You may want to connect your Dejavoo terminal to your wireless internet rather than plug it into your router directly. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. From the Terminal's Idle screen press the Enter/OK Key.

2. Enter the Manager Password: 1234.

3. Go to Utility then press Enter/OK.

4. Enter the manager password again.

5. Navigate to Communications then press the Enter/OK Key.

6. Arrow down to Local then press Enter/OK.

7. Choose WIFI and pick the network you want to connect.

Note: The security protocol you need is WPA2.

8. Next, go to Configure and set a password/passcode.

9. After entering passcode press the yellow key twice then go to Connect. Once it's connected press the Red or Yellow key until you are back on the POS > online or the Idle screen.

How to create the payment type in Vend

1. Login to your Vend Account.

2. Select the Setup tab.

3. Select Payment types.

4. Click the Add Payment Type button.

5. Select Vend Payment Gateway


6. Enter a custom name (e.g. Credit Card) if required

7. In the Pair Terminal section, select Begin Setup

Pairing Dejavoo Terminal to Vend Register:

1. Click Connect a terminal.

2. A prompt will open stating Payment Gateway would like to access your Vend account. Click the Allow Access button.

3. Enter the serial number of the terminal you want to pair with this computer and click Pair (It's on the back of the Dejavoo terminal.)

  • Vend will send a test transaction for $0.01 to make sure the terminal is connected and working.

4. In Vend, select Yes to accept, then on the terminal choose 'x' to cancel. If you have more than one register, choose which register you'll be using this terminal with.

5. Click Next.

6. Fill in your contact information.

7. Click Finished. The Terminal is now set up.

Finish Save the new Payment Type.

Repeat the above process for each terminal you need to connect.

When you open the Sell Screen, you may need to refresh your data. Click the green online button at the bottom of the page, and select Reset Data.

If you're having trouble connecting your Dejavoo terminal to Vend, get in touch with our Support team.