How to process a return on iPad without a receipt


  • Vend on iPad


  1. Tap on the three horizontal buttons in the top left corner
  2. Tap on Sell
  3. Tap search products by keywords
  4. Search the name of the item you want to return
  5. A list will appear underneath the search bar
  6. Select the item from the list which is being returned
  7. Tap on the item on the right-hand side to expand it
  8. Tap the field underneath Quantity
  9. Enter the quantity of that item being returned
  10. Tap the icon with a plus (+) symbol and a minus (-) symbol on it
  11. Tap Update Quantity
  12. Repeat steps 3 to 11 for each of the products which are being returned
  13. You should see a negative amount of money next to the pay button in the lower right corner
  14. Tap Pay
  15. Find the payment type you want to use to refund the customer in the list
  16. Tap the payment type mentioned in the previous step
  17. Tap Next Sale