What's the difference between Get All and Get New Shopify Products?


In Vend's Shopify settings, what is the difference between Get All Shopify Products and Get New Shopify Products


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Shopify Integration


  • Get All Shopify Products will import all your products that exist on your Shopify store that don't already exist in Vend. If the product already exists in Vend and the SKU and Handle match, it will link the Shopify product to the existing Vend product. If there is no exact match a new product will get created.
  • Get New Shopify Products will import any products that haven't previously been imported from Shopify.

Additional Information

Use these options with caution! We recommend always taking a back up of your Vend and Shopify product list before making any changes.

If you use the Get All Shopify Products option and you have existing products in Vend and the system finds a match the integration will import the product information from Shopify into Vend and overwrite the product information that you currently have in Vend.

If you have never used the Get All Shopify Products and use the Get New Shopify Products instead for the first time. The system will consider all your products to be new products and will import all your products from Shopify respectively. 


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