How do I pair my Pax D210 to my Wifi network?


  • Pax D210
  • Wifi


  1. Select the blue Menu key to the top-right of the pin pad (next to the arrow keys)
  2. Input the device password (today's date in mm/dd/yyyy format)
  3. Select Communication
  4. Input the device password (today's date in mm/dd/yyyy format)
  5. Select Wifi Parameters (be careful not to select Wireless Parameters)
  6. After a quick scan, select your Wifi network
  7. Enter your Wifi password

Additional Information

On the D210's home screen, it should now display 'POS Online' if the connection was successful.

If switching from one Wifi network to another, you have to select "CANCEL" first before selecting the new network.

To enter a Wifi password that contains letters or special characters, the alpha key will need to be used. Press the number on the keypad that contains the character and press the alpha key until that character is visible on the screen.

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