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Using Retail POS (X-Series)'s promotion helper

It's crucial that your staff feel empowered to up-sell and cross-sell. During busy periods, it may be difficult to do so and they could miss an opportunity to increase basket size. 

Here is where Retail POS's promotion helper can help. This feature lets cashiers know that a promotion is available for a product as soon as it's added to a sale. 


Promotion helper is only available for Advanced promotions. If you have any existing Advanced promotions, they will have Promotion helper enabled by default. You can disable Promotion helper at any time. 


Set up Promotion helper

  1. Navigate to CatalogPromotions
  2. Click Add promotion if you're creating a new promotion, or click on the pencil icon next to an existing Advanced promotion if you'd like to edit it
  3. Set the conditions for your Advanced promotion.
  4. If you'd like to enable Promotion helper, enable Show prompt on sell screen


  5. Once you're happy with your promotion, click Save


Selling with Promotion helper

When a product is added to the sell screen, Retail POS will check if there is an advanced promotion available. If there are active advanced promotions, the sell screen will display the first promotion it finds.


Cashiers can then click Show details to see more information about the suggested promotion. This will also identify the item that triggered the promotion as 'In Basket'

The 'first promotion' can seem random. It is based on the product that's in the cart, the amount that the customer will save, and the date the promotion was created.

Because of this, the Promotion helper might not always pick the 'best' promotion.

You can optimize which promotions are displayed by tailoring the experience and toggling Promotion helper off for promotions that you don't want to be suggested.


Disabling Promotion helper

  1. Navigate to CatalogPromotions
  2. Click on the pencil icon next to an existing Advanced promotion 
  3. Click the checkbox to disable the Show prompt on sell option
  4. Click Save

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