How do I take manual payments on my CardConnect terminal?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • CardConnect Processor 


First, you will need to create a separate payment type that uses the CardConnect Gateway URL. 

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Payment Types
  3. Select add payment type
  4. Select Other Payment Method
  5. Select Begin Setup
  6. Enter a name for your new Payment Type such as 'CardConnect Manual'
  7. Enter the following URL:
  8. Select Save

Taking a payment

  1. Add items to the sell screen
  2. Select pay
  3. Select CardConnect Manual
  4. Once the terminal prompts the sale amount, manually start entering the card number 
  5. The terminal will also prompt for additional card information

Additional Information

  • Once the sale is complete, it will push back to Vend to close off the sale and print a receipt.
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