How to fix a closed sale with incorrect product quantities


How to fix a sale where the item quantities were entered incorrectly but the sale was processed. While it is not possible to modify product quantities in a closed sale, the sale can be recreated with the correct quantities and the original incorrect sale can be voided. 


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


Void the incorrect sale:

  1. Click Sales Ledger
  2. Search the sale
  3. Click the sale
  4. Click Void

Recreate the Sale with the correct quantities:

  1. Navigate to Sell
  2. Add the products, discounts etc to mirror the previous sale
  3. Click Park Sale
  4. Add a note if required, then click Park Sale
  5. Navigate to Sales Ledger
  6. Locate the sale
  7. Click to expand
  8. Click Apply payment/refund
  9. Select the payment type from the drop-down
  10. Type the amount (for a refund type -X)
  11. Select a date/time for the payment
  12. Click Save

Move the sale to a previous date (if required): 

  1. Click Sales Ledger
  2. Search the sale
  3. Click the sale
  4. Click Edit Sale
  5. Click the Sale Date field and select the date of the sale

Additional Information

  • Editing the sale date will ensure that it shows correctly in the Sales Report. 
  • A recreated sale will be recorded under the current Register Closure, even when it is backdated.
  • If you backdate the manually applied payment, it will show the correct date in your Payments Report.
  • Make sure you are signed into the correct register before recreating the sale.