How to find customers with duplicate email addresses


How to find multiple customers with the same email address to be able to delete any duplicates.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • OpenOffice, Excel or Google Sheets


  1. Click Customers
  2. Click Export List
  3. Open Customer List spreadsheet
  4. Insert a new column to the right of the "email" column
  5. At the top of the new column but under the heading, paste the following formula:
    For Open Office: =IF(MAX(COUNTIF(AF$2:AF$500;AF2))>1;"Duplicate";"Unique")
    For Excel/Google Sheets: =IF(MAX(COUNTIF(AF2:AF500,AF2))>1,"Duplicate","Unique")
  6. Click on the bottom right of the cell and drag down to the bottom of the list
  7. The duplicate emails will show up with "duplicate" next to them, and the unique emails will show up with "unique"

Additional Information

  • If you are going to look in a bigger spectrum of rows, modify the formula accordingly
    i.e.: For 1000 rows, use:
    For Open Office: =IF(MAX(COUNTIF(AF$2:AF$1000;AF2))>1;"Duplicate";"Unique")
    For Excel/Google Sheets: =IF(MAX(COUNTIF(AF2:AF1000,AF2))>1,"Duplicate","Unique")
  • If you need to delete customers in bulk, please contact Vend Support