How do I set my Global Payments terminal to Semi-Integrated mode?

For Vend to be able to communicate with your iCT 220/250 using Global Payments services, your terminal needs to be set to 'Semi-Integrated' mode and the eConduit app needs to be activated. If semi-integrated is disabled, you will not be able to process payments directly from Vend and only the standalone payment will run. When semi-integrated is enabled and the eConduit app is connected, Vend can send payments directly to the terminal.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • iCT 220/250


Enable Semi-Integrated Mode on the iCT220/250

  1. On the idle menu, select the [.,#*] key to access the administrator menu
  2. Type in the admin name and password and hit the [Enter] key (this is provided by Global Payments)
  3. Select [F2] or press [9] to access Misc. Option and hit the [Enter] key
  4. Select [1] for Semi-Integrated to access the semi-integrated menu
  5. Select [1] for Enable Semi-Integrated
  6. Press [F1] to select On to enable

Configure the Communication Type 

After enabling the Semi-Integrated application, setup of the Communication Type is required. The Communication Type determines the communication method used between the terminal and Vend.

  1. Your terminal should still be on the semi-integrated menu. If not, follow steps 1-6 above.
  2. Select [2] to access the Communication Type option
  3. Select [3] for Ethernet
  4. Enter the terminal port number 5020 to the terminal and select the green key
  5. Enter [3] for Receipt options
  6. Select [2] for terminal (must be terminal for device to operate)
  7. Hit red button until at main screen, should say Welcome/Bonjour

Activate eConduit to communicate with Vend

NOTE: if the device shows “Welcome/Bonjour” it needs to be switched to stand alone (screen shows Global Canada), click “-” in the upper left-hand side, confirm stand alone before proceeding.

  1. Select the [9] Key
  2. You will see [1] eConduit,  press green key
  3. Select [1]
  4. Select Start (if successful, you will see connectedNOTE: the device will provide you a Terminal ID, write down the Terminal ID for pairing with Vend.
  5. Press the red key to back out to the main screen
  6. On the main screen, the device should be switched to semi-integrated mode, select “-” in the upper left-hand side, confirm semi-integrated mode.

The terminal is now ready to pair with Vend.

Additional Information

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