How to recreate separate sales as one sale


To recreate sales with different receipt numbers as one sale. 


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad 


Locate the sale

  1. Navigate to the Sales Ledger and find the sales you would like to recreate as one sale 
  2. Click to expand 
  3. Take note of the products, discounts and payments associated with the sales

Recreate the sales as one 

  1. Navigate to the Sell Screen 
  2. Add the products, discounts etc to mirror the previous sales
  3. Click Park Sale
  4. Add a note if required, then click Park Sale
  5. Navigate to Sales Ledger
  6. Locate the sale
  7. Click to expand
  8. Click Apply payment/refund
    • Tip: Mirror the payment/refund from each individual sale you are recreating, rather than applying payment/refund for the sale as a whole 
  9. Select the payment type from the drop-down
  10. Type the amount (for a refund type -X)
  11. Select the register from the register drop-down
  12. Select a date/time for the payment
    • Ensure the amount, payment type and date/time mirror the sale you are recreating 
  13. Click Save

Void the original sales

Additional Information

When manually applying a payment to a sale, the payment will be contained in the current open Register Closure.