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How to record consignment sales


To take a consignment in Retail POS and view the profit margins in the Sales Report to determine consignor's commission


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


To create a consignment product

  1. Navigate to Catalog -> Products, then click Add Product
  2. Enter product details and click Add Product or Next
  3. Add the consignor as the Supplier
  4. Add a Product category or Tag (eg. consignment sale, name of the consignor) that makes it easy to classify a consignment product
  5. Set the appraisal value as the Supply Price
  6. You can add the Current Inventory at this stage, alternatively process a Purchase Order to receive multiple products  
  7. Fill out the rest of the details for creating a product, more information here

View margins for consignment sales

  1. Click Reporting, and then Sales Reports
  2. Under Report Type select either the Supplier, Product category or Tag
  3. Select a suitable Date Range
  4. Click Format Results, and arrange rows By Product or By SKU
  5. Click Apply

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