How do I check if my customer has been double charged?


How do I know if my customers have been overcharged?


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You can double check if a duplicate transaction has occurred by getting in contact with your payment provider, accessing your payment provider’s merchant portal or if your terminal stores open batch transaction records on the device.

If you find that a customer has been double charged, it is best you request your provider submit a refund on your behalf. Alternatively, you can process a refund if you have access to a virtual terminal provided in your payment providers merchant portal.

The payment terminal and payment provider should always be your source of truth should you ever encounter a discrepancy between Vend and your payment terminal. It is recommend that you compare your Vend end of day reports with your payment processors batch report on a regular basis to reduce the risk relating to chargeback disputes.

Additional Information

Duplicate transactions may occur at various stages during the authorization and settlement. With payment processing there are several different platforms used to authorize and settle transactions. Just one point of failure can cause Vend to not receive a clear response resulting in the transaction sitting in an open stage.  We are continuously looking for ways to prevent this from happening but Vend can not guarantee the elimination of duplicates simply because it may be caused by a variety of factors

Why are customers being double charged?


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