Why do Promotions show incorrect item pricing when multiple products are applied?


Why does the sale price change after adding products that are apart of the same promotion?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad 


This is expected behaviour for how Vend calculates discounts on the Sell Screen. When a new product is added, Vend will divide the total discount amount by the actual total of the items. This figure is the total discount percentage and is spread equally for each product.

For example:

Product A retail price is 50.00

Product B retail price is 45.00

Product A and B are on sale for a fixed price of 35.00 each.

When Product A is added to the sale 35.00 will show. 


However after adding Product B the prices change because of the discount %. 


Total retail price: 50+45 = 95

Total discount: 25

25/95 x100 = 26.32%

 Additional Information

If you add or remove another product the discount % will change to in order reflect the expected total from the Promotion. The total will still be correct.