What product information syncs to and from BigCommerce?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • BigCommerce Integration 


Once BigCommerce is linked to Vend, Vend becomes a system of record i.e. the products must be managed in Vend.

One-way sync (Vend to BigCommerce):

  • SKU
  • Variants
  • Inventory
  • Description
  • Product name
  • Retail price
  • Active/Inactive state
  • Image (on the first publish)

Two-way sync:

  • Inventory (only when an order or return is successfully made)
  • Image - We only send all the images when you first publish the product to BigCommerce or import into Vend. Any additional images need to be directly managed on BigCommerce.

 The product information which doesn't sync to BigCommerce

  • Tag
  • Brand
  • Supply Price
  • Supplier
  • Product Type

Additional Information

  • SKU - changing the SKU in Vend will update on BigCommerce if the product is published.
  • Product Type/Categories - Any category/sub-categories should be managed directly on BigCommerce.
  • Image SEO - Vend doesn't have the SEO feature so this should be directly managed on BigCommerce.