Can I change the note added to a product on a closed sale?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend for iPad


No, in order to change the note you would need to void the original sale and recreate the sale with the correct note under the product. 

Voiding the original sale:

  1. Click Sales Ledger
  2. Search/Click the sale
  3. Click Void

Recreating the sale to remove the note:

  1. Replicate the sale in the Sell Screen
  2. If you originally took cash deposit/partial payment, click Pay, Add the amount then select Cash (you can skip steps 4 to 8)
  3. If you took a different payment type then Click Sales ledger
  4. Search/Click the sale
  5. Click Apply payment/refund
  6. Click the correct payment type
  7. Type the correct payment amount

It is not possible to change the note on a product on a closed sale unless you void and recreate. 

Additional Information

  • While you cannot change the not added to a product in a sale. You can edit the sales not added to a sale. Green can be edited, Red can not.