How to format Excel to open a CSV file


In some cases when using a CSV file to with Microsoft Excel, you will need to correctly format the file in order for it to import seamlessly into Vend.


  • Vend for Mac
  • Microsoft Excel


  1. Open the CSV file
  2. Select the first columnimage__1_.png
  3. Click to convert the Text to Columnsimage__2_.png
  4. Change the text to be delimitedimage__5_.png
  5. Click Next
  6. Select Comma or select other and type in a comma characterimage__3_.png
  7. Click on Finish

Additional Information

The instructions for a Windows PC can be found in Using Excel to edit CSV files - truncated numbers/scientific notation. However, Vend now supports .xlx and .xlxs files for imports and exports on the product page.