Can I set the sale price of the variant products on BigCommerce?

Latest update: - Sumeet Singh


  • BigCommerce Integration 


Yes, it is possible and can only be done directly on BigCommerce. Unlike the standard product, for the variants, you will have to use the bulk edit feature on the "View Products" page as the default sale price becomes redundant when the variants are created with the default price per variant displaying under the SKUs tab.

  1. Go to View Products
  2. Select the product with the variants to which you want to apply the sale price
  3. Click the first dropdown saying Choose an Action
  4. Click Bulk edit
  5. Click Confirm
  6. Click the plus in a circle icon to expand the rows
  7. Remove the sale price in the first row or leave as is. It will become redundant anyway.
  8. Add the sale price to all the variants
  9. You can also set a different sale price for each variant

For detail information please check out the official article of BigCommerce here

Additional Information

Vend does not map to the sale price as we don't have this field available on the product edit page, hence the sale price will not be overwritten by Vend neither it can be imported into Vend when the products are bulk imported at the time of connecting the integration. It can only be directly managed on BigCommerce.

For expert advice, we recommend speaking to the BigCommerce Support Team.