Can I take payments offline with my Pax terminal?


If my internet drops out or I don't have an internet connection, can I still use my Pax terminal to take card payment? 


  •  Vend for Mac or PC
  •  Vend on iPad


No, without internet Vend won't be able to communicate with the terminal. 

Also, without internet, neither the terminal or Vend will be able to receive any Approval or Decline messages so therefore won't take any payments offline.

Some terminals can process standalone using a dial connection but Pax does not.

Additional Information

If Vend loses internet you'll still be able to record sales, however you'll have very limited functionality. Vend isn't designed to be used in Offline Mode, it is more of a safety net for when internet drops out. 

Offline Mode for Vend on Mac and PC

Can I log into Vend in offline mode?


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