How to update your PayPal Here Miura M10 Card Reader


To update your PayPal Here Card Reader via the Vend Register App.


  • PayPal Here Card Reader - Miura M10 
  • Vend on iOS


  1. Locate the iPad that your PayPal Here Card Reader is paired with. You can check this by putting through a test transaction and then canceling it. 
  2. Make sure the iPad and reader are charged and connected to a power source
  3. Force quit the Vend app and open it again
  4. Follow the prompts that will guide you through the software update
  5. While the update is in progress, do not minimize or close the app, or perform any other touchscreen actions on your iPad


Additional Information

On Tuesday 9th of July 2019 at 2am (GMT), PayPal will be releasing an update to its PayPal Here Miura M10 Card Reader (pictured below). Retailers using PayPal to accept payments with Vend will need to update their reader when they open their stores on the 9th July. This update can take up to 10 minutes. 

NB. This is a mandatory update which must be carried out in order to continue accepting payments with the PayPal reader. You can update your reader anytime after 2am on 9th July 2019, however you will not be able to do the update beforehand. 

If you are using multiple PayPal readers with Vend across multiple iPads, you’ll need to update each of these readers with each iPad individually. This is what the card reader looks like:



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