Can I 'un-void' a sale or return in Vend?


If I have voided a sale or return, can I 'un-void' or cancel that action? 


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


No, there's no way to 'un-void' a sale or return. The best way to correct the error is to re-create the sale or process the return once again.

Additional Information

To recreate a sale you can:

  1. Add the products and customer from the sale into the Sell Screen
  2. Park the sale
  3. Click Sales Ledger 
  4. Find the parked sale 
  5. Click on the sale to expand it
  6. Click Apply payment/refund on the sale 
  7. Select the payment type from the 'Payment type' drop-down
  8. Enter the amount paid into the 'Amount' field 
  9. Select the register from the 'Register' drop-down
  10. Select the payment date from the 'Payment date' drop-down
  11. Select the payment time from the 'Payment time' drop-down
  12. Click Save

Note: a recreated sale will appear on the register closure for the day that it was recreated on, even if backdated

Return a Sale on Vend for Mac or PC

Returning a Sale on Vend's iPad app


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