Can I add a discount to an open On Account/Layby sale?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend for iPad


To add a discount to an open On Account/layby sale you will need to void the original sale and then recreate it adding the discount.

Voiding the original sale:

  1. Click Sales Ledger
  2. Search/Click the sale
  3. Click Void

Recreating the sale to add the discount:

  1. Replicate the sale in the Sell Screen
  2. Add the discount
  3. If you originally took cash, click Pay then Cash (you can skip steps 4 to 8)
    If you took a different payment type, Park the sale
  4. Click Sales ledger
  5. Search/Click the sale
  6. Click Apply payment/refund
  7. Click the correct payment type
  8. Type the correct payment amount

It is not possible to edit an open On Account/layby sale with a discount once it has been created unless you void and recreate. 

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