WooCommerce orders are not importing into Vend


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • WooCommerce Integration 


We suggest sharing this information with a web developer as this could be quite technical to investigate and troubleshoot.

When an order is placed on WooCommerce, it should fire an API call to us which we've set up to listen to (this is a webhook). This tells Vend an order has been made so Vend makes API calls to WooCommerce to get the details of that order, which we then save in Vend. If we don't receive this call from WooCommerce, we are unable to get the order. 

Additional Information

The other reason for not receiving an order in Vend will be due to a deleted product(s) on the order.

Unfortunately, we don't have the technical expertise to troubleshoot the cause of the issue which is either with the WooCommerce account API or with the web hosting account settings. We recommend working with a web developer to diagnose the issue. This is due to the highly customisable nature of WooCommerce.