How to reset Bluetooth settings on Star TSP650II BTI receipt printer


Resetting the Bluetooth settings on Star TSP650II BTI receipt printers


  • Star TSP650II series receipt printer
  • Vend on iPad


  1. Turn off the printer at the switch
  2. Hold down the RST button on the rear of the printer and turn it back on whilst still holding down the RST button. You can use a thin object such as the tip of a penmceclip0.png
  3. The POWER LED green and the ERROR LED red on the front of the printer will start flashing
  4. Hold down the RST button for 4 seconds or more, and then release it
  5. After you release the RST button, if the LED stops flashing and the POWER LED remains lit green within 12 seconds, initialization is complete

Additional Information

Please remove the receipt printer from iPad Bluetooth settings and follow the steps in the help article below to connect it with Vend.

Setting up your Star 650II BTI for iPad


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