The Star TSP100 LAN Printer's IP address cannot be verified


When trying to add the Star TSP100 LAN receipt printer to a Mac or a Windows PC, an error pops up that the IP address cannot be verified.


  • Vend for Mac or PC


The printer is setup with a static IP address and is pointing to a different network than the one the Mac or Windows PC is connected to.


The receipt printer needs to reset, so that the IP address is changed to Dynamic:

  1. Make sure both the receipt printer and your device are on the same network connection
  2. Turn off the receipt printer
  3. Turn the printer upside down
  4. Remove the panel on the bottom with the small Phillips head screwdriver
  5. Turn off switch number 4 that is revealed under the panel
  6. Turn the receipt printer back on
  7. Wait 15 seconds until you hear the initialization noise from the printer
  8. Turn the receipt printer off
  9. Turn on switch number 4
  10. Put the panel back on and secure with the screw you had removed initially

This will reset the receipt printer and it's IP address will change to DHCP.

Additional Information

Setting up your Star TSP100 LAN Printer 

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