Can I exchange an Afterpay sale on Vend?


The way customers use Afterpay is changing!

Afterpay Card is a contactless Mastercard stored in the customers Apple or GPAY wallet which is allows them to tap their mobile device on the payment terminal.

This is processed as a card payment and requires no setup by the retailer.

Vend will continue to support the barcode system in addition to the card system until July 2021.

For further information about this change, please refer to the Afterpay Help article.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend for iPad


No, exchanges are not part of the Vend-Afterpay integration. The only way to process this would by fully refunding the sale and processing the exchange as a new sale with Afterpay.

Additional Information

How to refund an Afterpay sale  

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