What to consider before opening a Pop Up Store


To prepare to run a successful pop-up store with Vend.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad


1. Add a register specifically for this pop-up store.

It prevents getting duplicated invoices and eases filtering and reporting. 

•   Why do I have duplicate invoice numbers?


2. Allow a warning on the Sell Screen to avoid overselling.

•   Negative Inventory Warning on the Vend Sell Screen


3. Give users access to the outlet.

Ensure that the users will have access to the outlet into which this register will be added.

•   Adding a new user or staff member to Vend


4. Allow users permissions.

Think about the necessary actions that the users might need.

•   Customising User Roles with Advanced User Permissions


5. Check the network limitations of the new location.

Online mode: ensure that your internet speed is fast enough to run Vend.

Offline mode: it is advised getting comfortable with the risks and limitations of this mode. 

•   How fast should my internet be to run Vend?

•   Offline Mode for Vend on Mac and PC


6. Pair and test the hardware in advance.

Be aware that most credit card payments will need an internet connection to work.

•   Recommended Hardware and Computer Specs