Why are my images no longer syncing to WooCommerce?


  • Vend for Mac/PC
  • WooCommerce integration


We have recently updated the way the image sync works in line with feedback that we received from our retailers who are on the WooCommerce Beta. As Vend was overwriting the images that were set up in WooCommerce if images were deleted on WooCommerce it would cause product syncing issues going forward. Any updates made to the product in Vend would also result in the images set up on WooCommerce getting affected too.

WooCommerce also supports better image quality than Vend. WooCommerce also supports variant level images something Vend does not support. Allowing for a further customisation of your online store.

Deleting and adding new images will now no longer update the images on WooCommerce. The image sync now works as follows:

When publishing your product from Vend, we will publish ALL the images you have in Vend to WooCommerce.

Add an image: If you decided to add new images to a product at a later stage, these images will not sync to WooCommerce.

Delete an image: If you decide to delete an image in Vend, it will not delete the image from WooCommerce.

Add images to variant products When publishing a product to WooCommerce, all synced images will be linked to the parent product. If you would like to add images to your variant products, we would suggest adding them directly in WooCommerce. Vend will not overwrite these images.

Images from WooCommerce We do pull images from WooCommerce into Vend when linking the existing products from WooCommerce. If the products don't exist in Vend and you import the products, we will pull the images too. Any additional sync will not work.


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