The Ecwid integration - how does it work and how do I set it up?

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Yes, Ecwid integrates with Vend! Sell your Vend products online with Ecwid and connect your Ecwid store to any site or social page to reach your customers everywhere.


Ecwid provides a fully functional online store tailored to your product catalog, customers and settings. Better yet, you can setup your Ecwid store and pay for your Ecwid subscription, all in Vend.

Setting up Ecwid and Vend

To set up an Ecwid store and connect the Vend-Ecwid integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Apps
  2. Scroll down to the available apps section and click Connect to Vend on the Ecwid module
  3. Enter your Name, Email, and Password that will be used on your Ecwid account
  4. Click Next
  5. Select the Ecwid plan best suited to you (for Vend Pro and Enterprise plans); Vend retailers on Lean, Standard and Advanced plans will automatically sign up to Ecwid's Business plan
  6. Check the I have read and agree to the Terms of Use box
  7. Click Next
  8. Once the Ecwid shop settings page loads, click Go!
  9. Click Yes, connect my store to Vend
  10. Enter your Store URL and click Next
  11. Click Connect
  12. Review the settings on the Vend synchronization settings page
  13. Click Edit if changes are required, or click Save settings to finish


For retailers with an existing Ecwid store, please follow the steps in our How to connect an existing Ecwid account to Vend guide instead.

How Ecwid will be billed

Pro and Enterprise

For retailers on Pro and Enterprise plans, your Ecwid subscription will be billed alongside your Vend subscription in Vend. This allows you to pay for both subscriptions with one credit card.

To learn more about managing your Ecwid subscription in Vend — including cancellation, plan upgrades/downgrades, and reactivation — refer to our Managing third-party apps billed through Vend (App Subscriptions) guide.

Standard and Advanced

For retailers on Standard and Advanced plans, Ecwid is included in your Vend subscription and no additional payment is required.

Getting support for the Ecwid integration

Technical support

The Ecwid integration is fully supported by Vend support teams. For technical support with this integration, please:

  • Browse the Ecwid section of the Vend Help Center for quick answers
  • Submit a support request using the GET SUPPORT button
  • Use the Help function within your Vend store to contact our support team.

For Ecwid-specific functionality, you can also refer to the Ecwid Help Center for further information.

Billing queries

All billing-related queries are handled by Vend. Click the GET SUPPORT button at the top of the page or use the Help function within your Vend store to contact our support team.


Once you have integrated your Vend and Ecwid stores, see the guides below to setup your product catalog and learn how sales, inventory and customer data sync:

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