How to set up the Star TSP100 USB for Mac


  •  Vend for Mac


  1.  Download the Mac CUPS driver here
  2.  Unzip the downloaded zip file
  3.  Open the unzipped folder
  4.  Open the Driver folder
  5.  Open the file named starcupsdrv-4.4.0.pkg 
  6.  Run through the installer prompts
  7.  Restart your Mac
  8.  Plug in the USB cable from the printer to your Mac
  9.  You're ready to print!

Additional Information

If you're looking to add a Cash Drawer to your printer, you'll need to use CUPS via your web browser, to enable this follow the guide below: 

Configure a Star TSP100 or TSP143 printer to open the cash drawer (Windows & Mac)

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