What is the difference between Basic and Advanced Reporting?


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The difference between advanced reporting and basic reporting are based on the following features:

Basic Reporting:

  • Register Closure Report
  • Payment Types Report
  • Tax report
  • Sales Summary Report
    • Filter Sales by Product
    • Filter Sales by User
    • Filter Sales by Customer
    • Filter Sales by Customer group
  • Inventory Report
    • Inventory levels
    • Historical inventory (Levels and Value)

Advance Reporting:

Have all the features mentioned above in addition to:

  • Retail Dashboard
  • Gift Cards Report
  • Sales Summary Report
    • Filter Sales by Register
    • Filter Sales by Brand
    • Filter Sales by Type
    • Filter Sales by Supplier
    • Filter Sales by Tag
    • Filter Sales by Outlet
  • Inventory Report
    • Low Stock Report
    • Product Performance Report

As you may expect, advanced reporting will have more detailed filters and options to report on and the basic reporting will primarily be based on small business reporting. To have basic reporting you will need to be on our Version 7 Lite plan and for advanced reporting, you will need to be on either Pro or an Enterprise plan.

Additional Information

You can check out our pricing plans - https://www.vendhq.com/pricing

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