What is the difference between Basic and Advanced Reporting?


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  • Vend on iPad



Vend has Basic Reporting functions that are available to all retailers regardless of plan type.

If you are on a Pro or Enterprise plan, you can make use of Vend's Advanced Reporting.

The difference is the following features:

Basic Reporting features Advanced Reporting features
  • Register Closure Report
  • Payment Types Report
  • Tax report
  • Sales Report type:
    • Sales Summary
    • User
    • Customer
    • Customer Group
    • Product 
    • SKU Name
  • Inventory Report type:
    • On-hand and All Inventory levels
    • Historical inventory (Levels and Value)

In addition to Basic Reporting features, those on a Pro or Enterprise plan also have access to:

  • Retail Dashboard
  • Gift Cards Report
  • Sales Report type: 
    • Outlet
    • Register
    • Promotion
    • Sales Channel
    • Brand
    • Supplier
    • Product Type
    • Tag
  • Inventory Report type:
    • Low Stock Report
    • Replenishment and Performance Report tabs



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