How to delete an Outlet


To delete an outlet from your account.


  • Vend for Mac or PC


  1. Sign in as an admin user
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click Outlets and Registers
  4. Click on the outlet you wish to delete
  5. Click Delete Outlet

Additional Information

Before deleting an outlet you must do the following:

  • Delete any registers assigned to the outlet
  • Reassign or delete any users that are assigned to the outlet
  • Receive or cancel any open or sent Stock Orders or Stock Transfers assigned to that outlet
  • Cancel or complete any open Inventory Counts assigned to that outlet

Your next bill will be updated once the outlet is deleted.

You will not be able to delete outlets or registers if your account is past due.

 Will I have access to my historical reporting and register closures when I delete an outlet?