How to post only fulfilled orders from Shopify to Vend


While the fulfillment status of the order isn't a requirement for how orders sync to Vend, if you want your Shopify orders not to show in Vend before being fulfilled, as a workaround you can archive unfulfilled orders in Shopify and then get new orders from Shopify to Vend as archived orders will not sync through.


  • Shopify Integration 


  1. Click Setup>Add-ons>Shopify 
  2. Untick "Update Vend" option.
  3. Select the unfulfilled orders in Shopify.
  4. Click Actions>Archive Orders
  5. In Vend, Click Get Shopify Orders > Get New Shopify Orders
  6. Wait till all the fulfilled orders have synced in Sales Ledger.
  7. Back in Shopify, select the archived orders.
  8. Click Actions>Unarchive Orders.


Additional Information

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