Why are my Shopify sales not getting included in my Register Closure?


Shopify sales are not showing up in the Register Closure on the day the sales come through into Vend. 


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Shopify integration


This can happen if you are still awaiting payment, the sales will come into Vend as Closed sales. However, there will be a balance remaining in the sale. As there is no payment recorded yet, this causes the sale not to be included in the Register Closure.


The sale will be included in the Register Closure on the day that you add a Payment to the sale in Vend through the Sales Ledger. 

Additional Information

These Shopify sales will affect your Payments Report for that day but will be contained under its own Register Closure. If you were to compare the Payment Report to your in-store Register Closure for the day, they will not match. As the Payment Report will also include Shopify sales. 

How to manually apply a payment to a sale 

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