What product information syncs to and from Shopify?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Shopify Integration 


Once Shopify is linked to Vend, Vend becomes a system of record i.e. the products must be managed in Vend. 

One-way sync (Vend to Shopify):

  • Product name
  • Handle
  • Description
  • SKU (Upon importing from Shopify, Barcodes will be used if SKUs do not exist)
  • Product tag
  • Product type
  • Brand or Supplier
  • Image (Only the main image and when you first publish the product)
  • Inventory
  • Retail price
  • Active/Inactive state (Maps to availability on Shopify

Two-way sync:

  • Inventory (from Shopify to Vend when an order successfully syncs to Vend)

 The product information which doesn't sync to Shopify

  • Supply price

 The product information which doesn't sync from Shopify

  • Images
  • Supply price
  • Collections
  • Shipping Weight
  • Compare at Price

Additional Information

  • Handle - Editing a handle in Vend will update the handle on Shopify if the product is published.
  • SKU - changing the SKU in Vend will update on Shopify if the product is published.
  • Product SEO - changing the handle in Vend will change the product SEO URL on Shopify.
  • Image SEO - Vend doesn't have the SEO feature so this should be directly managed on Shopify.
  • Important: Selecting Get All Shopify Products will pull all the information from Shopify and overwrite what is currently in Vend. Please make sure all the relevant information is in Shopify before you initiate the pull into Vend.
  •  How to edit products linked to Shopify
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