How to pair an Elavon payment terminal to Vend



Create the payment type in Vend

  1. Log into the Vend store. Select the Setup tab
  2. Select Payment Types
  3. Select Add Payment Type 
  4. Select Elavon
  5. Select Begin Setup


Configure the payment type

  1. Name the payment type. (e.g. Credit/Debit)
  2. Click or press Save Payment Type


Pairing the terminal to Vend

Get the terminal ready to pair

  1. Connect the terminal to the network using an Ethernet cable
  2. Connect the terminal to the power cable
  3. Turn the terminal on

Note: The terminal must be connected to the same IP network/subnet as the Vend register

Pair the terminal to Vend

  1. Navigate to the Sell screen and add a product to the sale
  2. Click Pay
  3. Click the payment type created for Elavon 

Note: If the payment bridge has not been installed already, Vend will prompt to download and install after the payment button is clicked.



Install the payment bridge

1. Click the payment button created for Elavon. The system will automatically detect the presence of the Payment Bridge Application and prompt the user to download and install if it is not installed. The prompt should auto-detect the OS you are installing the bridge on (Mac or Windows).


2. Once installed, the Payment Bridge Application will state "looking for payment terminals"


3. Once a payment terminal is found, the Payment Bridge Application will automatically pair it with your register and the transaction will be sent to the terminal

4. Proceed with taking payment for that first transaction on the terminal by using your own credit card. Once payment is authorized, your Vend Register will automatically display a ‘Payment Received’ message

5. You can now do a second transaction, to refund your credit card for the amount charged in the first transaction


Additional Information

If semi-integrated is disabled, you will not be able to process payments directly from Vend and only the standalone payment will run.  

How do I set my Elavon Payments terminals to Semi-Integrated mode and configure communication types?