Vend is running slow on my iPad (iOS 9 or 10)


  •  Vend on iPad


Our current recommendation is that your iPad should be running iOS 11 (minimum) to run Vend, however for the best experience, we recommend using the latest software version - iOS 12 and up. 

You can try to continue running Vend on your iOS 9 or 10 device for now however the experience you'll have will generally be slow due to the processor inside. Vend has removed support for devices that can only update to iOS 9 and iOS 10. 

For the best experience we would recommend using Vend with either a newer iPad running iOS 12 (or above) or a Mac/PC.  

Additional Information

  • The full details of our recommendations can be found here
  • You will not be able to download Vend if your iPad has skipped iOS 9.1 at the point of updating. Reach out to Apple if you receive the response "This application requires iOS 9.1 or later" when attempting to install the Vend Register app.
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