How to transit products from old to new Vend account which is linked to Shopify?

Shaleen Kaur


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Shopify Integration


  1. Export product list from the old Vend account. 
  2. Import same product list to new Vend account except for ID column.
  3. Export current product list from your new Vend account as a backup. 
  4. Click on Setup -> Add-ons -> Shopify Settings.
  5. Select Get All Shopify Products will pull all the information from Shopify and overwrite what is currently in Vend. This will link your Shopify products with Vend. (You can confirm this once every product in Vend displays the green "View on Shopify" banner). 
  6. If inventory levels on Shopify are correct, then you can skip Step 7.
  7. If inventory levels on Shopify are incorrect, then you may need to import the backup CSV file into Vend to bring back the inventory levels of products where they initially were. You may also want to delete the columns in CSV file which you don't want to overwrite eg description, tags, retail price, etc

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