"HIT Start Failed Cancelled" error using Payment Express payment terminal


Vend does not transfer payment to the Payment Express terminal and shows an error: "HIT Start Failed".


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • Payment Express payment terminal


This usually occurs because of poor internet connection or the network connectivity between your terminal and your Mac, PC or iPad. 


Perform a complete power cycle of the terminal

  • Press and hold the Func and Clear buttons together for three seconds until you hear a few beeps

Check if the terminal is connected to the internet

  • Press Menu
  • Navigate through and select Logon
  • The terminal screen will now show accepted.

Additional Information

If you are using Vend on an iPad, please reboot your iPad after performing the steps above. For a Web browser, please close and relaunch Vend again.

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