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As you may have noticed, your Products page in Vend has been updated. The article below will compare how you previously navigated through the Product page with how you should with the new Products Page.

Updated Terminology

With this update, we have updated some of the terminologies on the product page.

1. Count -> Inventory

2. Price -> Retail Price

3. Apply Filter -> Search

You will also notice that the Columns have been changed in order of appearance. The first column is now Created, and we no longer have the Variants column (this is further discussed below).




Adding a product

Previously when you created a product, once you hit Save, it would take you to the Edit product page where you would be able to edit your product further.

With the update, once you hit Save, it will take you back to the Products Page, and inform you that the product has been added. If you wish to edit the product further, you may do so by clicking View this product.

In addition; if you had applied filters to your Products page whilst working with your products, you will now be returned to the Product page, and your filters would remain. This allows you to get straight back into adding products without a step in the middle.

Please Note: The general flow of adding a product remains the same. The only change with this update is that you will now be returned to the Products page.

Expandable Rows

You will now have the ability to quickly access information about your products and variants directly from the main Products page on Vend.


Specific changes include:

  • You will now be able to expand the product row, by clicking on it, to see further information about your product. This includes Inventory, Pricing, and Details.

Please Note: Please note you will only see the inventory tab if you are clicking to expand a product with variants.

  • From the expanded view, you will also be able to Edit Product and or Duplicate Product from the expanded view.
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