Add a single variant to a new product

Vend now has the functionality to allow you to add single variant products to your store. To learn more on how to add a single variant to a new productfollow the steps below:

1. Create and add fields to your parent product To create a product with variants, first head to the Products tab in the side navigation menu.

2. Select Products and click the Add Product button.

3. You will then need to create a master (parent) product. The parent product is the primary product you intend to create variants of. The parent product will also be the first variant. In this case, we are creating a Towel product. You will want to fill out all the standard information you would for a normal product including name, handle, SKU, price and tax.


Add the variants of this product

You will then want to scroll down to the Inventory section on the Add Product page; here you will find an option to turn this Towel product into a Product with Variants. Click on this to turn it on and begin adding your attributes.

SKUs: It is at this step where you will select whether you want to Automatically Generate a SKU or Enter a custom SKU.

Adding your first attribute and values associated

Scroll down to the Variants section to add your attributes and values.

Your attributes are the different features of your product. These attributes might include size, colour or style. You can add one, two or three attributes to your product. In this case, we will be adding three attributes for our T-Shirts.

Important: Your product cannot have more than 200 variants. If you think you will need more than three variants (attributes) for a product, you may want to split this product. For example, if you have a t-shirt with the variants colour, size, material and sleeve length you can create two products: One for the short sleeve t-shirt and one long sleeve t-shirt then three variants (colour, size and material) for each.

Once you have added your attributes, you will need to add values for each of these attributes. These may be the various colours, sizes or styles that your product has. To add values, begin typing them into the value field next to each corresponding attribute.

Adding additional attributes

Click on Add another attributes to add another attribute to your variants.

Next click on Add X values.

A modal will display giving you the option to Choose the variants you would like to add.

Here is where you can select and unselect the variants you want to use.

Click Save once you are done.


Add additional information

Now that you have a list of your variants, you can click to expand them and make a range of product-specific edits. For more information on how to add product-specific information to your variants, click here.

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