How to add a single variant to a product with a CSV


Add a single variant to a product with variants.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Chrome
  • OpenOffice


  1. Click Products
  2. Click Export List
  3. Double click the file (if you have another spreadsheet program installed you may have to manually navigate to your downloads folder and drag and drop the file into OpenOffice)

  4. Find the product you want to add a variant to
  5. Look for the bottom row of the product
  6. On the very left of the window, you will see a number in grey
  7. Right click on that number
  8. Click Copy
  9. Right click on the number just underneath
  10. Click Insert Rows
  11. Right click the same number
  12. Click paste
  13. Right click the first cell in that row (this is the ID column)
  14. Click Delete Contents...
  15. Click Delete all
  16. Click OK
  17. Right click the third column in that row (this is the SKU column)
  18. Click Delete Contents...
  19. Click Delete all
  20. Click OK

  21. Scroll to the right to find the variant attributes you want to edit
  22. Edit the cells under headings variant_option_one_value, variant_option_two_value, variant_option_three_value as desired
  23. Click File
  24. Click Save

  25. Click the X up the top of the window to close it
  26. In Vend, Click Products
  27. Click Import
  28. Click Browse
  29. Click Downloads
  30. Click product-export.csv
  31. Click Continue with import
  32. Your product will now be updated with the new variant