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Does Retail POS (X-Series) connect with QuickBooks Desktop?


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


Yes - QuickBooks Desktop can be connected to Retail POS via the integration Commerce Sync allowing your day-to-day sales information to be available to you.

Commerce Sync is a third-party application used by merchants wanting to connect to the Desktop version of Quickbooks. You can do so by signing up here and utilizing their free trial. For more information on their pricing and any additional support on Commerce Sync, you can contact their support team.

We recommend continuing to connect to Quickbooks Online from within your Retail POS (X) app.

Quickbooks Desktop integration features

  • Daily sales summary: Transfer of all sales activity into Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Multiple storefronts: Transfer of all Lightspeed accounts information into Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Sales by category: Supports aggregating Lightspeed sales by Product Type and mapping them into distinct Quickbooks Desktop income accounts.
  • Unlimited support: Unlimited email and chat support through Commerce Sync.
  • Sales tax support: Support for taxes.
  • Customer details: Track sales on a per-customer basis.

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