Why are customers being double charged?

Latest update: - Nathan Payne


Why are customers sometimes overcharged when using card payment via our integrated card terminal?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend for iPad 


Double charges normally occur when the sale is approved on the terminal, but an issue (commonly related to the internet connection) stops that information being brought over to Vend.

When this happens, the user will be taken back to the Sell Screen to show we didn't receive a status (e.g. Approved or Declined) from the terminal. 

The terminal should always be the source of truth in this situation. If you see that the payment was approved on the terminal but Vend doesn't have a record of that, you need to close off the sale manually using the steps below:

If the sale is declined on the terminal, you'll know to charge the customer again via Vend.

Additional Information

How to close off a sale when the payment has already been approved on payment terminal