The customers are not able to checkout via the custom domain redirected to Vend Ecommerce


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend Ecommerce
  • Custom domain hosting account


This issue can be caused by the "Cloaking" setting on your custom domain. This will cause the page to load in what's called an "Iframe" which for security reasons, we do not allow.


Switching this off will resolve the issue with adding items to cart, but it may not retain your custom domain once a customer visits the site.

It would be worth emailing your domain provider to see if there is another way to redirect your domain and to retain the custom URL once you land on the site. Or you could log in and take a look at the DNS settings yourself to see if you can deactivate "Cloaking or Masking".

Additional Information

There's more information regarding the redirection of your custom domain to Vend here:

We have no control over your custom domain settings, so this cannot be actioned from our end, but we are also happy to help.