Setting up your Star 650ii BTI for Mac

Latest update: - Charlie Knight


  • Vend for Mac
  • Star 650II BTI


Perform a hardware self test on your printer

  1. Turn it OFF.
  2. Hold the feed button down and turn the power back ON at the same time.
  3. Release the feed button. This will print 2 receipts. Hang on to the second receipt or make a note of the Address.

Downloading and installing the Star driver

1. Go to this link and enter the following information to download the correct driver for your printer. 


 2. Select Drivers and pick the driver listed under Recommended to download.


3. When this download is completed, open the file to extract it.


4. Open the extracted folder and double click the 'starcupsdrv' file.

5. This will create a new folder. Open this and and go to drivers.

6. Double click the .pkg file here and follow the install guide instructions.





Connect your printer to your Mac

1. Open system preferences on your Mac.

2. Click the Bluetooth option.

3. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.


4. On the back of the printer, press and hold the PAIR button for 5 seconds or more. 

5. In the Bluetooth 'Device list', click connect next to 'Star Micronics'

Add the printer to your CUPs settings 

1. Open up Google Chrome and go to http://localhost:631/admin

2. Click add printer


3. Select the LPD/LPR Host or Printer, then click continue:


4. Specify the device URI for the printer as shown below and click “Continue”

Starbluetooth://<<Bluetooth Address>> For example: Starbluetooth://00-12-f3-1c-2f-a4


5. In the add printer screen, enter the printer name, location and description.

6. Click Continue


7. Select Star as the make and the click Continue


8. Select the printer model Start 650ii cutter and click Continue


9. In the set printer options screen, select “Policies” and set “error policy” tp “retry current job” and click set default options.