Worldpay TriPOS Verifone MX 915 Setup - "Critical Error: Failed to get network parameters"


Entering credentials to set up the Verifone MX 915 terminal and clicking 'Pair Register' returns an error message stating "Failed to get network parameters".


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • Worldpay TriPOS terminal Verifone MX 915


Terminal cannot connect to internet. 


Issue with the internet router

  • If your terminal is connected directly to your router, reach out to your IT department or ISP (internet service provider) for further insight. 

Ethernet cable is connected to the wrong port

  • If your terminal is connected via an ethernet switch, ensure the cable connected to your payment terminal is connected to the port on the switch that is closest to the power supply. If you are unsure which port to use, reach out to Worldpay directly. 

Physical damage to the ethernet cable

  • If everything above has been checked out, please switch out the ethernet cable that connects your terminal to your network device.
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